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ACAM's Mission is to promote the development and support of mental health professionals to ensure high quality counseling care for individuals, couples and families in Missouri.

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The American Counseling Association-Missouri strongly condemns and denounces racism, systemic oppression, injustice, police brutality and hate in all its forms. ACAM mourns the tragic loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and countless others who have died because of race-based tragedies. All these lost souls mattered, they were loved by their families, friends and their communities, they are lost forever due to racism that has existed for centuries. We believe and stand for giving a voice to the under-served and under-represented. We promote social justice and will provide support in these times of crisis.

We recognize the role of positive law enforcement and at the same time condemn the incidents of violence and stand in solidarity with those impacted by this violence.

We must stand up for and speak against the violence that we have witnessed for far to long. We also commit to practicing and reviewing our policies to become more inclusive and discarding any racist terminology and beliefs. We commit to learning and being open to new opportunities to expand our minds and actions to increase our multicultural awareness

To our African American colleagues, friends, neighbors and clients: We see you, hear your voices and stand with you. We believe in what you are expressing, and that the systematic racism is real and you experience it in your lives.

ACAM and its members are dedicated to supporting human rights regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, physical ability, age, sexual identity, religion, nationality and socioeconomic status. We also are committed to promoting counselor competence as it relates to acceptance of others and the pain of racism.

Our members and all counselors in Missouri are encouraged to continue to learn and grow in your cultural competence, engage in supportive activities such as community outreach, research, advocacy and education. We will continue to support our counselors by listing opportunities which will help them in this goal.

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